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Creative and Innovative IT Solutions


Who We Are


CDA delivers exceptional IT services and support globally. Our consulting and strategy services will give you the best experts for your project.

By entering a strong partnership with you, we will act as your IT department by supervising your IT assets and advising the best strategic and tactical resolution that meets your business objectives.

We are committed to all our clients by delivering innovative technology and solutions. We focus on increasing business performance, reducing expenses and solving critical problems.

We have experience with staff augmentation, managed services, mobility support solutions, and vulnerability management, and custom developed applications. We understand your business needs and are here to supply you with a level of service that reduces risk and minimizes downtime.

Our Principals

CDA is employee driven. We supply the right people for the position with extensive experience and great character. We will help make your business successful.

Our goal is to provide a “Can Do Attitude” with each task which utilizes our talented team with outstanding customer service skills. We are here for you.

What makes us different? We put our client’s interests first, your business needs and goals are the primary factor in the solutions and technologies that we recommend.

Our mission is to increase business value for our customers through creative and innovative use of technology.

Contact CDA today and find out how we can help bring your business to the next level.