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Creative and Innovative IT Solutions


  • Consulting & Strategy

    Consulting & Strategy

    Our consulting and strategy services will give you the best professionals for your project or IT service. Our team of...

  • Customer Support Services

    Customer Support Services

    Our customer support services provide knowledgeable professionals who are able to take on any task with our "service with a...

  • Vulnerability Management

    Vulnerability Management

    Our Enterprise Vulnerability Management solution will protect your company's most valuable asset. Your data. As cyber threats become...

  • Analytics


    Is your corporate data spread over multiple systems making it a challenge to get accurate reporting? We have over 20...

  • Connectivity


    CDA’s connectivity services allow your business associates to stay connected at the office or while traveling. Our solutions range from...

  • Application Development

    Application Development

    Software Application Development is a core competency at CDA. We have been developing custom large-scale business applications for over 20...